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Sewer Service

The DWP provides sewer service to most of our water customers.

Water Treatment Facility #1

Sewer services are provided to most DWP water customers.

Help keep the sewer system flowing freely:

  • Don't put any fats, oils or grease (FOG) down the drain.
    These substances can clog the pipes in your home and on your street.
    Learn more about FOG...
  • Don't flush drugs (or toxic substances) down the drain
    Prescription drugs and other substances should be disposed of properly.
    Learn more...

Quick Facts About the Water Reclamation Group

  • Serves approximately 144,000 customers
  • Maintains 44 miles of wastewater mains
  • Operates 3 water reclamation facilities
  • Treats 13 million gallons a day (on average)

Wonder how sewer effluent is treated? Read about Water Reclamation Facility #1.

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