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Construction Projects

Learn about the Department's construction projects that help secure and improve your water supply.

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The Department of Water and Power works in collaboration with the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) section of the Public Works Department to design and manage the City's infrastructure improvement projects, including water and sewer projects.

Current Projects:

  • Water Reclamation Facility No. 2 Tertiary Filtration Project — construction of improved filtration plant facilities – beginning Fall 2014. Expected completion Spring 2016.
  • Ahmanson Lift Station Upgrades Project — removing and replacing existing facilities with an upgraded, improved sewage lift station, including a new gravity sewer and sewer force main.

Recently Completed Projects:

  • R-3 Water Storage Tank Replacement Project — The Department of Water and Power (DWP) utilizes water storage tanks to maximize operating efficiency, provide fire flow for firefighting, and emergency storage. The aging R-3 water storage tank has been out of service for a number of years. DWP removed the aging water storage tank and its electrical and control facilities and constructed a new water storage tank that will store 2.5 million gallons of water.

    The new R-3 storage tank facility was designed to have a low profile in the community with architectural features and colors to enhance the visual look of the site and blend in with its surroundings.

    The new pre-stressed concrete storage tank is buried two thirds into the ground Pre-stressed concrete is stronger than standard concrete and allows it to withstand the pressure inward from the ground and the pressure pushing out from the water stored inside. New water piping, drain lines, valves, and flow meters were installed to the new storage tank, as well as a connection to existing utilities on Garretson Avenue.

    The project also included new electrical service, controls, and instrumentation allowing remote monitoring and operation of the tank. The tank site is accessed by a newly paved road and includes new picket fencing and low maintenance decorative rock cover.

Future projects:

  • Mangular Blending Facility — Construct a new blending station to replace the existing pump and blending station equipment.  The new blending facility will include a dual-zone domestic water booster pump station, water blending station, flow control valves, disinfection equipment, emergency electrical general, and security and site improvements.  Mangular Blending Facility is one of two facilities the City uses to blend imported water and local well water to maximize the use of local groundwater supplies.  Expected Fall 2014.
  • Stagecoach Reclaimed Waterline — This pipeline will provide an interconnection between the City of Corona, the City of Norco and the Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority facility in Eastvale.  This connection will allow the City to use additional reclaimed water for irrigation and industrial uses and reduce our demand on potable water.