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Here are a few of the ordinances that govern the DWP and the services it provides. Select a tab to learn more.
For more ordinances, see the City of Corona Municipal Code.

  • Water Rates
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Water Conservation
  • Stage 2 Conditions

The City's water rates are established and updated. Here are the two most current ordinances:

The reclaimed water service is regulated by the following ordinance:

  • Ordinance 2854 - Reclaimed Water Rules and Regulations for use on Public or Private Property

Water Conservation Ordinance

Current Stage: 2
The City of Corona Department of Water and Power is currently in stage 2 of the Water Conservation Ordinance.

History of the Ordinance
The Corona City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2962 on January 7, 2009, in response to drought conditions in the State of California. This water conservation ordinance sets forth guidelines for conservation through five different stages of reductions. It details activities which may be prohibited during times of water shortage emergencies, as well as consequences that the City may take in order to ensure compliance with these guidelines, including fines and penalties. The Corona City Council amended the Water Conservation Ordinance on July 1, 2009 by adopting Ordinance No. 2996.

Prohibited Activities
Three activities are identified in the ordinance as unreasonable uses of water, and are prohibited at all times, throughout all Water Conservation Stages:

  • Allowing water to leave a person's property by drainage onto adjacent properties or public or private roadways or streets due to excessive irrigation and/or uncorrected leaks
  • Failing to repair a water leak
  • Using water to wash down sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios or other paved areas, except to alleviate immediate safety or sanitation hazards

Conservation Stages and Restrictions
The five water conservation stages are:

Stage Water Supply Status Water Conservation Requirements
Stage 1 Normal Water Supply Recommended conservation practices
Stage 2 Minimum Water Shortage Reduce usage by 10% to 15%
Stage 3 Moderate Water Shortage Reduce usage by 16% to 30%
Stage 4 Severe Water Shortage Reduce usage by 31% to 40%
Stage 5 Critical Water Shortage Reduce usage by more than 40%

Restrictions on water use during these stages may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Limiting water usage for irrigation to certain days of the week, for no more than 10 minutes per station during the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m., or stopping all outdoor irrigation;
  • Water is available only upon request in a restaurant; and
  • Washing automobiles, trucks, trailers and other mobile equipment may be restricted to specific days of the week or halted completely.

Get answers to questions about the water ordinance and conservation.

For more information, please call the City of Corona Department of Water & Power and speak to a water efficiency expert at (951) 736-2234 or e-mail

Looking to Save Water?
See the Conservation section for more information on rebates and other conservation programs. 

The City of Corona is in Stage 2 of our Water Conservation Ordinance. The following conditions apply to Stage 2:

  • These actions are prohibited:
    • Watering between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
    • Allowing water to runoff property
    • Using water to wash down hard surfaces
  • Leaks and broken sprinklers must be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Watering Guidelines:
    • Odd-numbered addresses can water on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.
    • Even-numbered addresses can water on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Sprinklers are limited to 20 minute run times per station.
    • Watering on Fridays is prohibited; however, a government agency may water three days per week of the agency’s choosing, only between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.
    • The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes is prohibited during and within 48 hours after rainfall measuring one-half (1/2) inch or more.
  • Washing vehicles is permitted with a bucket and hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle.
  • Food establishments are prohibited from providing drinking water to patrons unless requested.

Please do your part to conserve our precious resource, water. To learn how you can become more efficient, please read the current conditions below and contact our Water Resources Team at (951) 736-2234 or by e-mail at